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October 31st, 2016

Severina Vuckovic is no overnight superstar unlike some who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. She actually started from the bottom, as a kid, and worked her way up to stardom. As a child, she was given small roles to play in theatre and opera productions until she got a hang of things and trained for bigger parts and eventually made a career in music, which is her passion, and became a pop-folk singer. But it’s of course not all sugar and daisies as she has encountered a few rough roads on her way to success, just like a lot of celebrities. And she’s had enough share of scandals to last a lifetime.

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Growing up, Vuckovic turned into a hot sex siren even as a teen and nothing could’ve stopped her from taking advantage of her looks and fine figure from doing things she might regret (or not) in the end. She’s had a couple of amateur sex tapes made and she started as a teen. She thought all these years she’s already safe and free from any mishandling of her kinky nature but this particular video made its way into the stream. She can’t say she’s shocked as she already expected the worse but it’s not all that bad when she found out that there are still many fans who supported her after watching her go wild on cam a few years back when she did say in an interview not too long ago that she never engaged in such activities. She’s one nasty lady in her own right and she’s got her assets to back that up, seeing how hot she is in this clip while giving head and getting drilled rough by a former flame.

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June 14th, 2016

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Gorgeous Croatian pop-folk singer, Severina Vuckovic, is not just making waves with her singing career but she’s also a hit in everyone’s household especially with the adults who follow her on social media. Just like you, everyone who’s into Vuckovic’s beauty, voice, and body is always on the lookout for anything exciting and dirty that could bring to life their fantasies. Though she was already involved in a few sex scandals before, you simply can’t get enough of her tits and pussy once you get a glimpse of them.

You’re lucky you found this post as we bring another hot clip of hers but this time she flies solo and it’s as hot as you could’ve imagined. Teasing in her silk robe, she displays that smooth and tight body while playing with her moist twat. Oh, she knows how much you jerk off to her alright that’s why she need not strip naked right away because with just the slightest peek of her breasts, ass, and snatch she already sends your senses in outer space because of lust. She’s any man’s reason for having a huge bulge inside their pants and a wet cunt for lesbos wishing to have a taste of her too.

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August 5th, 2010

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Severina Vuckovic  is the famous Croatian pop star who used to be the icon of righteous and religious modesty, that is until her sex video which features hardcore full-throttle fucking came out on the internet. Fans of the singer admire her for being a good vocalist and for her stage presence. But what they didn’t know is that she’s involved in some kinky stuff as seen in this very graphic homemade porn! If you want to see more of the Severina Vuckovic  Sex Video, just click on the link.

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That’s right, she performs not on the stage in this amateur porn flick but on the bed with her legs spread wide open and her pussy fucked!  The Severina Vuckovic sex tape became an internationally reported sex scandal. The personal sex tape which was leaked on the internet features her and Bosnian Croat businessman Milan Lucic. Severina claims the tape was stolen.  “The pictures are my private property. They were taken two years ago and were stolen”, said the singer. Later, a far more explicit version of the sex session has been leaked.

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